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    Hi Chelo, baby shower invitation will be in the mail tomorrow :) I would love for you to come. We are having it on Sunday April 5th at 2pm.

    I heard some sad news today that I will make public on the board tomorrow. Meg was put to sleep due to congestive heart failure this week. Its odd because I have been thinking that this was going to be the last year for her and more recently have been thinking that the time would be soon. She will always be my number one heart dog. She taught me everything I know and made dreams come true, but I am so glad that she is no longer suffering. She will never be forgotten.
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    Reply from chelo:

    Kat - I am so sorry to hear about your Meg - I know how close you were to her, and she to you. She got you started up in this whole dog business, and look where that got you.
    I hope that my work schedule won't interfere with the baby shower, I'll check, but if I'm not at work, I'd love to be at your shower and to see you and Shannon again!
    You'll be in my prayers, Kat - Meg is running free, free of pain and free to watch over you until you meet again.
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    Hiya Wag! Haven't talked to ya for awhile...Hope you're doing ok!!
    Hugs to ya!
    Sue & The Abbers


    Reply from chelo:

    I'm doing all right, Sue - just really tired from the radiation therapy. I'll be finished soon, but at least I won't have to worry about gaining weight over the holidays.
    Please give my love to Mikey - you all have been in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
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    Hi Babe,
    I wanted to say a happy belated thanksgiving to you and your beautiful babies.
    Many Blessings to You,
    Love ya


    Reply from chelo:

    Thanks for the blessings, Malmom. They are always welcome, and I hope that you and yours had a great day, too!

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    Hi Wag, I am still lurking, my membership is confirmed, but don't know how to send a message! Hope all is well with you and the D's



    Reply from chelo:

    Hello, merrylegs! I think you have just sent a message. The "D" dogs and I are doing prety well. The weather here is beautiful and we are enjoying every minute of it!
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    Did you get on the Just Dogz site? Ya, I thinik you're just looking at my profile. If you go to just dogs management board it has a link to the site... it looks a lot like

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